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What Is Genius Software?

Genius Software is here to get you better results in your marketing and outreach. It is the brain-child of Ed Akehurst, who's been doing marketing, sales, and corporate streamlining for over 30 years. He uses all the Genius Software tools in his own business, and everything he teaches he has done himself. He has a passion for helping others succeed, so not only does Genius Software offer software, there are Reseller and Whitelabel plans for people who would love to start (or grow) their own software business, and Ed guides you every step of the way, in addition to being available for Mentorship and JV Partnerships.

Everything You NeedTo Get More Business!

Need More Customers?

We have awesome Lead Gen tools, from finding contact info, to finding targeted social media contacts and automating the outreach!

Need Better Follow Up with Clients?
We have genius tools for Broadcasting Messages, SMS, Email, and more!

Need Better Engagement?
We have incredible tools to post engaging content to social media, to stay in touch with people when it's a birthday or work anniversary, to get better engagement on posts and comments, and much more!

More Clients, Better Engagement, Great Reviews!

How we can help you:

Productivity Tools:
Genius Messenger CRM:
CRM for Messenger, to organize and expedite communications and pipelines in FB Messenger.
Linky Leads:
CRM for LinkedIn, Message Autoresponder, Happy Birthday and Work Anniversary Wisher, Labels and Tags.
Genius Scheduler:
Allows you to post content to your personal FB profile in advance and track posting by post type.
Group Maximizer:
Management tool for Facebook Group Admins.
Genius Post Filter:
Filters content on your Facebook wall and sponsored ads through keywords and negative keywords.
Genius Form Filler:
Create profiles and fill out forms on the Net in one click.
Automation/Engagement Tools:
Data, storage, and automations for Facebook Stories.
Posting AI:
Uses artificial technology to autopost engaging posts to FB, according to what you have trained the system to post.
Genius Posts:
Increases engagement on FB posts and moves the conversation from the Wall into Messenger.
Genius Birthday Posts:
Automates the sending of posts and Messages on your Facebook contacts’ birthdays.
Genius Giveaway:
Will run a giveaway based on responses to FB Posts, and will alert winners (and non-winners) after the contest has completed.
Genius Ad Library:
Find and collect targeted FB ads
Lead Gen Tools:
Member Mover:
Gather info on Facebook Group Members to move to another place, such as Genius Messenger CRM.
Genius Connector:
Automate targeted friend requests in groups and on posts, and begin communications into Messenger.
Genius Disconnector:
Will analyze engagement of Facebook contacts so you can delete ones that do not engage, and are hurting your reach.
Genius Leads Miner:
Gathers emails from social media sites.
Infinite Business Leads:
Get an infinite amount of keyword-based and geo-targeted lead verified business leads.
Infinite Maps Leads:
Get an infinite amount of keyword-based and geo-targeted leads from Google Maps.

Reseller Partnerships and White Labels

In addition to Genius Software products that help you save time, increase productivity, and get better rsults in your business, we also offer Reseller Programs on most of our sowftare products, and White Label Programs for many of them.

You can resell our software products and keep 100% of the earnings with our Reseller Partnerships, or brand them to yourself with a White Label!

Reach out today if you would like to learn more about these programs and how you can have a great side hustle by offering software solutions, or even ditch the 9-5 and start taking control of your time and earnings.

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